Proton is only mentioned if it's required despite there being a native version of the game.






Elite: Dangerous

Error -203 sometimes. Seems random?

Very sensitive to antialiasing settings.

Half-Life: Alyx

Untested, yet.


Force it to run with Proton.

Chillout VR

Untested, yet.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

You need to run the game in Proton because the VR version uses DirectX to work.

Don't press the function keys.


Use this mod to get video players working.

You don't even need the Windows version running in Proton to use mods. Mono just kinda works with Windows DLLs. C# is fucking wack yo.

Install the platform spoofing mod if you need to use Proton.

Pavlov VR
  • Sometimes picking up a sniper will make the framerate halve.
    • Setting antialiasing to low sometimes fixes it.
    • You can also fix this by setting your render resolution to a number lower than 100%
    • Doing this also has a 50/50 chance of causing the game to stop drawing to the headset until you reboot or change a video setting and press "Apply" completely blind.
    • This appears to not be a problem with the Glorious Eggroll proton fork.
  • Sometimes, after about 10-12 rounds of SnD, the buy menu stops updating. Inputs still work.

Otherwise, completely playable.

  • Voice chat is weird.
    • It's locked to Vive Mono.
    • I can't change it to my actual dedicated mic, either through Pulseaudio or the settings.
    • In-game, I just get "Default Device."
    • When it works, it works. It's up to SteamVR to decide if it works or not.
Payday 2

You need to force it to run in Proton. Go to its properties and set the compatibility tool to any given Proton version.

Error -203 shortly after loading into a mission. Usually, right when the game says "Stealth is also an option" so presumably level data is being initialized then, or something?



Voice recognition doesn't work, obviously.


The garbage custom audio codec they licensed doesn't fucking work on Linux regardless of what I do.

...and that's like half the game so it's basically unplayable.

Rec Room

Untested, yet.


Hitches and stops drawing to the headset if you put it in the background for too long.

Serious Sam Fusion

Can't seem to connect to any multiplayer matches, but I have this problem in Windows too.


Untested since EAC update. I've heard mixed-to-bad things though.