3D Art Commissions by Orangestar


Discord: Orangestar#1432


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Models for your meta-whatever

It's all new! The prices are more straightforward! The page is less confusing! I make models!

$50 - Box Model

You pay $50, I box-model something for you. Simple as.

$100 - Fully Rigged Figure

Add another 50 and I'll rig it up. We can even add visemes or whatever you need.

$20 - Rig an existing model

Got a 3D Model but it's not rigged to a skeleton or weight painted? For $20 I can correct that!

$Various - Previous Models

Head to My Gumroad page to see previous models I've made that I've been given permission to re-sell!


After recieving whatever it is you ordered, you're given a full permissive license to transform the object however you like. Retexture it, rerig it, move vertices around, throw on new clothing, put it in Gmod or Source Filmmaker, give a copy to a friend so they can retexture it or even just use it, whatever.

However, I would request that you not resell the product unless you give a similar permissive license and transfer all transformative rights to the person you're reselling to. (I.E. you transfer the model, then remove the model from your digital possession completely.) The reason should be obvious: I'm perfectly capable of selling these models in a mass-produced quantity myself, and I'd rather not just get cut out of profit for a Gumroad scam or Etsy scheme.

But because the kind of people who commission someone and then turn around and sell the result digitally for a profit aren't the kind of people to uphold license agreements, allow me to dissuade them a different way: If I find out you're mass producing a commission I sold you, I still have the model. I can undersell you. It doesn't matter how cheap you make it. Don't tempt me.

Contact details available at the top of the page

Or, on my homepage.