Hi, I'm Daniel, but you can call me Orangestar! I'm not really doing anything focused at the moment. I'm mostly self-taught in my code, art, and ability to talk to people. I don't do a lot of professional projects, but I take pride in my work and hope only to entertain people and embetter their lives. Embetter? Is that a word?

Take a look around. Almost everything I make is licensed BY-CC-SA, and, as always, pull requests welcome!



After fearing for Tumblr's long-term stability I have backed up my art on DeviantArt and will continue to upload art to it in the future, both for archival and as a showcase.

Orangestar12 on DeviantArt SoundCloud

I also have a SoundCloud, but to say I upload music there would be a gross misrepresentation of the word Music and would probably cause at least one kind of cultural awareness group to boycott everything I make.

Orangestar-NRFPT (stands for "Not Ready For Primetime") is where I put stuff I don't think sounds like it's worth listening to but I still like the idea of.

Orangestar on SoundCloud Orangestar-NRFPT on SoundCloud YouTube

On YouTube I mainly post videos of me talking over video games, usually with my brother. If you're looking for shitposts, my alternate account will probably suffice.

Orangestar1211 on YouTube

And here's a few miscellaneous artistic outlets I have accounts on.

Orangestar1 on Twitch Orangestar on Sketchfab Orangestar on Steam Workshop


GitHub DeviantArt

Prospectively, I would like to develop larger and more vocused applications in the future. (Games, hopefully!) For now, I do smaller, fun projects.

You can check out my more fully realized projects on GitHub, or you can see my smaller experiments on CodePen.

Orangestar12 on Github Orangestar on Codepen


Since I'm on the Internet, you can find me on the Internet.

Here is where you can find me on the Internet.

Mastodon @orangestar1@mastodon.social

In leiu of a Twitter, I have a Mastodon. Reasons why are half because my Twitter is locked and Twitter refuses to get back to me on when it will be unlocked and half because I like it better! If you're on a Mastodon instance of your liking, hit me up.

Discord Orangestar#1432 on Discord

Linked is my personal Discord server. I mainly use it to store emotes but if you need to get a hold of me you can ping me/friend me through that. Otherwise just friend req me directly: Orangestar#1432. I also run the Undertale Subreddit Discord, so that’s another great place to find me.

@Orangestar1 on Twitter

As mentioned, my account is locked and Twitter won't answer me when it's getting unlocked despite my repeated attempts to ask them why. In case it ever gets unlocked, the name is above.

No, the link doesn't work. I forced you to read this text so you wouldn't click it and get sent to a 404 page and then tell me my website is broken because you didn't read the website. It was a trick. You've been rused.

@pyrostar_gx on Twitter

This is my alternate Twitter account I commandeered after the aformentioned locking. I don't really post on it but I do check it occasionally so if you need to get ahold of me and Twitter is all you've got, then by all means use this Twitter.

orangestar1 on Tumblr

While I don't use it too much, I do have a Tumblr account and it's probably a good place to get consistent updates on stuff I make.

orangestardoesprogramming on Tumblr

I made this blog specifically for updates on programming stuff I do. It doesn't get a lot of updates.

Also if you need to catch me via e-mail, use these! (You can't copy-paste them because otherwise I'd get a lot of spam email. Sorry.)




I play video games because they help me not want to kill people. Feel free to hit me up for video games.

Steam Account PSN Account

yo if there are any other game services that have web-based accounts like that lemme know the only one I really use is Steam